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The Best UV Sterilizers for Aquarium to Maximize UV Effectiveness

best uv sterilizer for aquarium

While it is true that the best UV sterilizer for aquariums may not be perceived as a really necessary item that aquarium keepers have to invest in, it cannot be denied that it can provide ample perks to the overall aquarium environment.

In addition, these items are, in general, operated by a UV bulb that comes with the capability to get rid of and save your aquarium from all sorts of hazardous bacteria and other unsightly microorganisms.

Aquarium owners are insightful of the fact that a filter system is a must-have to sustain clean, safer and fresher water inside the tank. And, this could help your aquarium inhabitants to stay in the best possible condition and become more active.

If potentially harmful bacteria aren’t treated appropriately, then both freshwater and marine tanks can suffer from extreme bacteria buildup and the sprout of microorganisms that typically start from free-lingering algae.

Aside from the important buying guides and other substantial information about UV sterilizers tackled in this article; here are the most highly recommended UV sterilizers for aquariums for you to check out so as to avoid having a stressful time deciding which one possesses the required operational as well as technical features.

Best Overall


SunSun UV Sterilizer Filter Pump

✅ Easier to install
✅ Designed with built-in pump
✅ Vigorous ultraviolet sterilization unit


Premium Choice


Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizers

✅ Comes with mounting brackets
✅ Equipped with indicator light
✅ Enhance exposure to ultraviolet light


Editor’s Choice


GRECH UV Sterilizer

✅ Aids alleviate bacteria and algae
✅ Adjustable 211 GPM flow rate
✅ Includes bio media and active carbon


List of Top 4 UV Sterilizers for Aquarium

1. SunSun UV Sterilizer Filter Pump


If you are searching for a top-rated UV sterilizer for freshwater aquariums, outside ponds and marine tanks, then this option won’t fail your expectations. This is built with a dynamic 9-watt ultraviolet bulb that works efficiently in getting rid of all conceivably dangerous pathogens, bacteria and viruses present in the tank water.

This is highly acclaimed for its versatility that it allows users to set it up without any struggle. You can install it either vertically or horizontally without the need to be troubled about the tank’s current water condition. Likewise, there is no need for additional hardware which means you can set aside some pennies.

And it is a piece of cake to mount with the help of top-quality suction cups. This unit already integrates a water pump that is capable of moving roughly a total of 132 gallons of water per hour of UV light.

However, this UV sterilizer is only highly recommendable for larger aquariums. Aside from this, since it is purposely designed for larger tanks, it has the tendency to produce very strong water flow. So, if you own a smaller tank, you should avoid buying this.

  • Specifically designed with built-in pump
  • Known for being a vigorous ultraviolet sterilization unit
  • Highly recommended for tanks that come in smaller sizes
  • Can be utilized for both freshwater and marine tanks
  • Easier to install either vertically or horizontally
  • Not ideal of tanks that come in bigger sizes
  • May produce strong flow of water

Overall, this submersible UV sterilizer is a versatile and powerful unit that you can fully trust. It is equipped with a durable filter sponge that is meant to eliminate residues prior to the water shifts closer to the ultraviolet light. This leads to combatting a plenty of harmful microorganisms present in the tank water.

Also, this is user-friendly. It won’t give you a stressful experience when mounting it. You can easily utilize the suction cups that you can link to the internal section of the tank. Whether, you prefer to mount it in a horizontal or vertical mode, you may do so.

But, this is only practical to use for larger tanks, so it is not recommended for small aquarium owners.

2. Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizers


Shopping for the top-quality UV sterilizer for reef tanks can be a pain in the neck especially for first-timers. By happy chance, this unit will guarantee a very impressive job in terms of warding off bacteria, algae and other hideous microorganisms lurking inside the tank- this is executed with the aid of this unit’s intense 18-watt ultraviolet light.

In line with this, the light is shielded with a premium quality quartz glass sleeve that offers excellent protection from water getting inside it. As you can see, this is a clear indication of its sturdiness and high-quality materials it is made of. It is a certified model to invest in if you are in search of long-standing ultraviolet sterilizer unit.

For all that, this unit especially requires a water pump to ensure its maximum performance, but you need to buy this separately. Indeed, the bulb appears to be not suitably fitted in the socket. These are just two of the minus points that you need to discover about this UV sterilizing unit.

  • Equipped with indicator light that indicates when the unit is operating
  • Ideal for aquariums containing 500 gallons of water
  • Works adeptly in exterminating unsightly bacteria, parasites and free-lingering algae
  • Can ensure enhanced exposure to ultraviolet light made possible by its twist-flow style
  • Comes with mounting brackets meant for in-line or hang on usage
  • Bulb seems not appropriately fitted in the socket
  • Calls for a water pump yet this is not contained in the package

Over and above, if you opt for a UV sterilizer unit that is long-lasting and built with much needed durability, then you need not further your search. You can get this for a reasonable price tag and it comes with quartz packaging to ensure much-required strength. It is surprising to know that it is furnished with a highly powerful bulb yet it is sold at a cheaper cost.

By the same token, if you own a huge tank, then this is the perfect pick for you. This is also useful for marine and freshwater tank applications. It is not exhausting to set up and it is reliable when it comes to clearing your tank water with various forms of pollutants.

3. GRECH UV Sterilizer


This nano UV sterilizer is a wise purchase for any aquarium owner. It is a hang-on-back that is equipped with an ultraviolet sterilizer that is especially meant for protection against various sorts of bacteria and algae. This is built with adjustable flow and can guarantee a noise-free operation mode.

In terms of setting it up, the installation can be done in minutes. Also, it is made with a practical surface skimmer that considerably aids in getting rid of hideous surface films and in eliminating bacteria and algae that harm the lives of your aquarium occupants.

Over and above, if you have been having a tough time searching for the right solution to clear your tank water with any contaminants, then this is an awesome device that you can depend on. There is no need to waste your time, money and energy hunting down a suitable unit that can take better care of your tank if you consider this brand.

In different circumstances, this best UV sterilizer for aquariums comes with a cheap quality carbon filter. So, this could mean utilizing your own in case this breaks easily. Besides, the media basket design is slightly too tight. If these are not serious defects for you, then this won’t change the fact that it is still an admirable device to invest in.

  • Designed with adjustable 211 Gallons Per Hour flow rate and furnished with surface skimmer
  • One great solution to keep tank water pristine clear
  • Already includes bio media and active carbon in the package
  • Equipped with 5-watt ultraviolet sterilizer that aids alleviate bacteria and algae
  • Highly recommended for tank size that contains 20 by up to 50 gallons of water
  • Low quality carbon filter
  • Too tight media basket design

Right-on, this ultraviolet sterilizer’s rate of flow is easy to adjust. Apart from this, it is admired for its compact design that enables effortless and instant setup without the need for tools and additional plumbing. In truth, this filter is highly suggested for aquarium keepers who are having a difficult time managing an aquarium that is quite susceptible to algae buildup since it is very dependable and effective at handling unsightly algae issues.

Moreover, unlike other devices available on the market nowadays, this unit is not complex to install, you can completely depend on its useful surface skimmer and it is specifically built with a multi-stage filtration mechanism that can help make the fish tank clean and free of any harmful pollutants that may harm your aquarium pets.

4. AquaUltraviolet Aquarium UV Sterilizer


This brand is a proud US product that is surely manufactured with strong and vigorous build quality that can ensure many years of reliable service and performance. Once you invest in this unit, all you need to purchase are some hose clamps and tubing in order to make it adaptable with your tank filter. And, with the appropriate ones, setting this unit up is no sweat.

If you’ll explore the aquarium UV sterilizer review, you will discover that this UV sterilizing unit does a magnificent job for reef tanks that contain about 100 gallons of water. Not only that, you could possibly utilize it for ponds as well, even though it may take a while for you to see some noticeable results.

This is well worth the money precisely because aside from its sturdy build and first-rate performance, the customer service is unrivaled. Should there be some defects in the unit you purchased, the manufacturer can offer you some warranties and they usually replace the defective parts. The process in settling matters like this is straightforward, unlike other manufacturers who make the procedure a painful process to deal with.

After all, this UV sterilizing unit is not equipped with an indicator light when it is in work mode. Also, it is slightly tricky to look for the hose size for the pump filter. If these are not major flaws for you, then this is a great device to get for your aquarium.

  • Highly recommended for aquariums, water features and ponds that come in small sizes
  • Topnotch build quality that makes it long-lasting
  • A proud USA product that’s trusted by many aquarists around the world
  • Can guarantee friendly and fast customer service experience
  • Verified as an effective device to alleviate protozoa, viruses and other types of bacteria
  • Doesn’t come with indicator light when operating
  • Finding the hose size for the pump filter is challenging
On the mark, if you invest in this UV sterilizer, you are a winner! This is prominent worldwide for being a very powerful and effective device that can exterminate different forms of viruses, protozoa and other sorts of bacteria that endanger the lives of your aquarium occupants. As a result, your aquarium pets can enjoy a safe, clean and healthy environment where they can freely breathe in, swim, play and reproduce.

Outdated Products

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine UV Sterilizer System (Outdated)


Don’t you have any idea about the most avant-garde UV sterilizer for saltwater aquariums and freshwater tanks? Unquestionably, this is a kind of concern that every fish tank owner may encounter. When it comes to keeping the aquarium clean and clear, this objective is not that easy to achieve without the right tool, device or equipment to help you accomplish it.

This internal UV sterilizer system is capable of clearing away various tank water pollutants in less than ten hours. This is easy to utilize in that you only need to clip it easily into most waterfall filters which conveys that it won’t exhaust you when it comes to setting it up. It is a great device to have since it can also lessen the frequency of water replacements- as you can see, this is less stressful for you to use.

Once purchased, the pumps are also contained in the ultraviolet sterilizer. It can promise smooth sailing submersible accumulation, and external pipes or a suction container mounting are not necessary. Also, the water flows in precise contact with the UV light; this enhances its capability to successfully eradicate green and contaminated tank water.

A few of the lapses that are necessary to check out if you invested in this unit include this device’s tendency to run down instantly. In like manner, the filter has the potentiality to generate slightly irking noise after one week of use. Luckily, there are no major troubles for you to worry about if you buy this unit.

  • Comes with control switch LED that indicates the time when to replace bulbs
  • Backed up by a 3-year warranty on selected device components
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Can ensure fish tank owners with effective tank clearing procedure
  • Ideal for tanks that contain 85 liters of water
  • Filter may produce some audible sounds after a week of usage
  • A few units may become drained instantly

Precisely, this ultraviolet sterilizer is designed with LED light that is responsible for indicating the right period of time the bulb needs to be replaced. Also, it is created with a zigzag design flow style that stimulates maximum time ultraviolet sanitizing radiation at approximately 254nm wavelength, as a result, this aids in making the device quite efficient in executing what it was designed for. Once bought, you can also get the filtration pump and sponge.

With unique features and performance it could deliver, don’t you think this is a practical device to get for your fish tank?

Brother123shop 9W UV Sterilizer (Outdated)


If you still can’t decide what appropriate ultraviolet aquarium filters can provide you with pleasing results, then this device can deliver what was advertised. This is a lot better than chemical tank water treatments because it won’t harm your aquarium dwellers. You can rely on its capability to clear greenish tank water for a period of one week in a safe mode. Hence, your finned friends and aquarium plants are in good hands.

This unit is an ideal size for small to medium tanks. It is not complex to clean and maintain. If you opt for a superior quality UV sterilizer, then this won’t leave you feeling disappointed. This is one marvelous approach of keeping the tank water clear of any dirt or greenish particles. You can be guaranteed of long-standing service without the need to execute some tedious work.

Under other conditions, this unit comes with unreliable instructions that were not properly translated into English making the setting up procedure a slightly tricky task to deal with. And, it can destroy all kinds of bacteria including healthy ones. Additionally, because you do not wish to also eradicate beneficial bacteria, there is a need to prepare some mediums that could help encourage generous bacterial growth.

  • Designed with 8-watt pump power
  • Comes with a total of 211 Gallons Per Hour Maximum Flow
  • A 9-watt UVC light bulb is already included in the package
  • Equipped with 9-watt ultraviolet power (G23 Base)
  • Maximum tank size is a total of 75 gallons
  • Unreliable instructions
  • Will exterminate all kinds of bacteria including the beneficial ones
For the most part, this is an incredible product for the money. It is surprising that it is rated for a 75 gallon tank; however, it can still perform quite reliably in a 90 gallon tank. Please take into account that this ultraviolet filter is capable of eradicating all forms of bacteria including the good ones; thus, it matters to have a number of mediums for healthy bacterial growth.

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer (Outdated)


The good news today is that you can lighten the burden of hunting for the most trusted aquarium UV sterilizer with this renowned brand. It is dependable in terms of alleviating bacteria, algae and duskiness in tank water. And, since it does a superb job in fighting off these contaminants, there is no need for you to worry about the health and safety of your finned friends and aquatic plants.

This UV sterilizing unit is worth a try primarily because it is built with a patented sealed ultraviolet bulb that enables users not to touch the dangerous glass. It is not messy to use and you don’t even need to use gloves when using it. And, it is constructed with UL safety-tested internal ultraviolet kit.

Setting it up is straightforward and tools are not even necessary to accomplish the job. It comes with a control box LED that indicates the time when you need to replace the bulbs. This is very economical to purchase in that it is backed up by a 3-year warranty on some selected parts. It is a “thumbs up” choice for tanks that contain a total of 120 gallons of water.

A couple of the shortcomings that are to be expected when you decide to get this item are its short life span and its seems it is made of relatively cheap plastic. Hence, if these are a serious nuisance to you, then you better look for another option.

  • Equipped with patented sealed ultraviolet bulb
  • Quite stringent at eliminating green algae
  • Helps aquarium occupants enjoy pristine clear tank water to encourage perfect health
  • Proudly made with UL safety tested internal ultraviolet kit
  • Easy installation process with no tools needed
  • Comparably cheap plastic
  • Short life span
In a nutshell, this product is king. It is a child’s play to set up without any tools required. And, once bought, there is no need to purchase the powerhead separately. This is equipped with tough suction cups that allow instant and effortless mounting procedure. Besides, it can guarantee generous amounts of ultraviolet to water. You’ll like its being furnished with LED light that is particularly intended to indicate signals regarding the right time to execute bulb replacement.

SunSun 13W UV Sterilizer Adjustable Pump Filter (Outdated)


If you’re presently keeping a mid-size or large tank, this vigorous UV sterilizing unit can be the highly recommended option for your needs. This is particularly built with a built-in pump that is intended to provide steady flow of water through the aid of the device and its installation procedure can be easily done.

If you’re going to read various UV sterilizer reviews, you’ll unveil that this unit is totally uncomplicated to set up and does not need an additional pump or tubing for it to ensure satisfying performance. Also, the ultraviolet light inside the device could virtually halt the growth of any hovering algae present in the tank water.

It is important to note that this UV sterilizer unit appears to be made with a not-so-sturdy body. And, the suction cups do not stick well to the pond’s unbalanced edges. These are two of the shortcomings that you need to watch out for when buying this brand.

  • Specifically designed with an alternative easy-to-adjust water flow regulating nozzle
  • Capable of cleaning by up to 150 gallons of tank water
  • Already include a 13-watt ultraviolet light once purchased
  • Can serve vital functions for both marine and freshwater tanks
  • Comes with built-in 8-watt water pump
  • Seems not constructed with durable body
  • Suction cups don’t adhere to the rough edges of the pond

Generally speaking, this UV sterilizer unit is a great purchase that you can get for your aquarium. It is not intricate to set up and you can save more money in the long run because it does not necessitate additional pump or tubing for it to perform at a maximum. It is equipped with a UV lamp that is quite effective in saving your tank from all sorts of fatal viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. Hence, you are assured that your aquatic pets and plants are kept safe, healthy and happy!

Interestingly, this is a good device to own because it can guarantee powerful ultraviolet sterilization. It is very flexible too that you can effortlessly position it either vertically or horizontally. This can ensure reliable performance for both marine and freshwater tanks. And, most importantly, it is not that overpriced which simply means to say that it is pocket-friendly even for those with a limited budget.

AA Aquarium Clip-on UV Sterilizer (Outdated)


If you prefer a UV sterilizer for fish tank that does not need an installation at all, then this is the top-tier partner for you! It is definitely very easy to utilize. All you need to do is merely clip the unit to your waterfall filter; after that, you can plug the device in and just allow it to start operating.

The things that seem awesome about this unit are the realities that there is no bulb to replace after a certain period of time and there is no filter to maintain. Once this is plugged in, you can instantly observe the noticeable results in your most cherished aquarium.

What makes this unit different from other brands is its fast and reliable performance when it comes to clearing the tank water and it can help bring back the tank water’s pristine clarity once again in no time. Your aquarium inhabitants will surely love their cleaner, fresher and safer hub forever.

Notwithstanding, please be reminded that you need to use this unit with extra caution if your aquarium comes with a cover, this is because the unit has the possibility to collide with the cover. Note that this shall rely on the distance above the filter discharge your aquarium cover is set up.

  • Alleviates bacteria without the need to use chemicals
  • Can help keep the tank pristine clear
  • Ideal for tanks that contain 80 liters of water
  • Ward off the emergence of cloudy and green tank water
  • Simply needs to be clipped to any type of waterfall filter
  • Requires draining some water to utilize it
  • Tendency for the device to collide with the tank’s cover

On the button, this ultraviolet sterilizing unit for fish tanks is a valuable purchase that will leave you satisfied and delighted. If you own a tank that contains 20 gallons of water, then this can work exceptionally for your tank needs. It can execute a very impressive job of getting rid of harmful bacteria without the use of chemicals and without the need to do some laborious cleaning procedures.

Assuredly, this can be your solution if you wish to say goodbye to greenish and dirty tank water caused by hazardous viruses, pathogens, bacteria and microorganisms. This does not require to be installed since you only need to clip it to any kind of waterfall filter.

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer (Outdated)

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer

This aquarium UV sterilizer is particularly built to combat various forms of microorganisms as well as bacteria that could bring about extreme algae growth in the tank. As you know, this occurrence could seriously damage the quality of tank water.

It is a great deal to invest in because it is good at targeting bigger and more visible types of aquarium contaminants. This unit can also exterminate tinier entities and it could guarantee pristine clear tank water where your aquatic pets and plants can live healthily and enjoyably.

It is interesting to note that this brand is deemed as one of the bestsellers in the United States. The manufacturer proudly reveals that more than half a million UV sterilizers are sold all over the country. Most aquarists prefer its gilt-edge UV and UL technology that you wouldn’t find in other pumps available these days.

On the other hand, a few of the minor gripes that you need to pay attention to regarding this brand is that there is a tendency for the tank water to become duskier at the beginning. And, it is slightly more pricey than other similar brands sold in the market today.

  • Purposely designed to exterminate microorganisms and bacteria
  • Includes all the installation stuff you require
  • Guarantees quick set up procedures
  • Supported by a 3-year warranty
  • Can provide long-standing service
  • A little costly as compared to other similar UV sterilizers
  • Tank water can get cloudier at first

In conclusion, this unit is packed with lots of impressive features that make it a wise investment to consider for your tank. You can quickly change its bulb; it is equipped with a control panel that indicates when they need to be replaced and once purchased, the unit is supported by a 3-year warranty. It comes with a total of 4 filters that are practical for longer periods of use too.

But, since you can enjoy advantageous features once you buy this unit, you should also expect a slightly price tag for you to spend in. And, do not be surprised if the tank water gets duskier at first since this is just a normal occurrence that gets better on its own.

What To Look For When Buying An UV Sterilizer For Aquarium


It is crucial to conduct a bit of informative research when it comes to the vital factors that you need to take into account when shopping for the right UV sterilizer for your aquarium. And, some of these consist of the following:

  • Selecting the suitable unit for your application shall rely on the kind of aquarium you’re currently keeping and its size of course. Take note that the size of the tank identifies the amount of water flows the UV sterilizer requires to support.

Also, these units come in distinct sizes so to match different flow rates as well as the sizes of tanks.

  • You can pick from the 3 primary types of UV sterilizers and these include wet bulb (non-quartz line tube), dry bulb (quartz-lined tube) and tray type.
  • Some versions come in a hang-on style wherein users only need to hang it inside the tank. There is also an inline design that is meant to be connected to the primary structure of the tank and this can be submersed in water. Note that the classification pertains to the UV sterilizer’s position within the flow of water.
  • Budget. It will be hard to decide if you do not have the set amount you’re willing to spend on a UV sterilizer. There are cheaper and a bit pricey ones. Before the final purchase, make sure to weigh the pros and cons first.
  • Features. Various UV sterilizer brands come with unique and exclusive features for you to check out. Make certain that you meticulously review all of these and make some product comparisons.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an UV sterilizer? How does it work?

The UV sterilizer for aquariums refers to a filtration unit that uses an ultraviolet light bulb when getting rid of very tiny organisms that are freely hovering or lingering in the tank water.

These units are safe to use in home aquariums, swimming pools and liquid manufacturing firms. At times, they are also utilized in outside ponds to remarkably ward off the proliferation of green algae.

Parasites, bacteria, algae and viruses are the forms of microorganisms that are alleviated after undergoing the ultraviolet sterilizing unit. The use of this unit is quite paramount and advantageous in that it can effectively eradicate microorganisms and pathogens that may potentially endanger aquarium dwellers. This is, for a fact, what sets it apart from other common water filtration units.

Microscopic organisms that are known to be water-borne are exterminated by the ultraviolet lamp through modifying their cell framework. To put simply, this method is irradiation that does not have any significant effect on the fish; however, this is very stringent when it comes to unsightly bacteria and other sorts of microorganisms.

What are the different types of UV sterilizers?

There are a total of three kinds of ultraviolet sterilizers and these are:

  • Tube type-dry bulb
  • Tube type-wet bulb
  • Tray type

It matters to note that the main distinction between the latter types is that the wet bulb is not tied up with the quartz. In line with this, if the water system is cold, then this needs to be equipped with an ultraviolet sterilizer that comes with a quartz sleeve as this helps in making a regular cleaning, and in so doing, you won’t have any difficulty replacing the bulb.

Why do you need an aquarium UV sterilizer? (Benefits)

Once you started to keep an aquarium, you have to consider the fact that there are so many tools and equipment that you need to invest in to ensure that the fish tank is properly maintained for your aquatic pets and plants to live longer.

The reason why you need to utilize a UV sterilizer is that this will play a very vital function in managing the infections by ceasing the proliferation of any sort of microorganisms in the tank water.

Not only that, this unit will also help get rid of free-lingering algae that have the potential to emerge in tank water.

Here are the stunning perks of using UV sterilizers for your aquarium:

  • Helps keep the tank water pristine clear and clear of any hazardous microorganisms or bacteria.

There are times when the water inside the aquarium becomes greenish and considerably lessens its cleanliness and pristineness. This emerges because of the undesirable sprout of algae inside the aquarium. In this condition, an ultraviolet sterilizer can assist in eradicating this dusky condition and make your tank water become more transparent in a shorter period of time.

  • Alleviate toxic microorganism, parasites, pathogens and other sorts of bacteria.

An ultraviolet sterilizer unit comes with the capability to destruct all potential microorganisms and bacteria such as algae buildup in the tank. It is worth noting that mechanical or bio-filtration cannot completely filter your tank from these dangerous pathogens, virus and bacteria.

However, in this condition, an ultraviolet sterilizer unit can effectively annihilate all of those toxic organisms and make your aquarium free of any of them.

  • Ends the proliferation of lingering or hovering algae.

In reality, one of the most stressing concerns in terms of owning a fish tank is managing the rapid multiplication of algae. Many a time, after destroying them, they keep proliferating on the water and make it a painful experience for you to get rid of their existence on a regular basis.

This is where the importance of owning a UV sterilizer unit comes in. As you can see, the reason is quite obvious; this unit could basically halt the production of these hideous microorganisms and it can help in making your tank totally free from any possible algae accumulation in the coming days.

  • It enables users to regulate free-hovering or lingering algae or to deal with the adolescent stages of impulse in your freshwater tank. A UV sterilizer unit definitely works straightforwardly and it is smooth sailing to use.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted UV sterilizer brands?

There are limitless UV sterilizer brands for you to select from whether you shop in local stores or shop online; however, some of the most favorite brands of wise aquarium hobbyists and pros include the following:

  • Aqua Ultraviolet
  • AA Aquarium
  • SunSun
  • Coralife

What is the warranty?

Please be guided that different UV sterilizer brands offer distinct types of warranties. So, the type of warranty you can get will depend on the manufacturer of the brand you chose and this will often times differ with that of other brands.

Nonetheless, nearly all ultraviolet sterilizing units are backed up by warranties that will benefit consumers for a long time. In general, various types of warranties that you can come across include 30-day money back guarantee offer, a certain period of time warranty (1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) and some manufacturers offer replacements in the event that consumers received defective items.

How to install and use?

Setting up the UV sterilizer unit in your aquarium is not complex at all. As a matter of fact, the installation can be a breeze to handle with a little insight into how this unit works. What matters the most is you strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when setting up this unit.

It is fundamental to ensure that you properly set up the necessary fixtures that support each other; this is to sustain a calculated distance from unfortunate incidents.

Not to mention, UV sterilizer units are not made equal. Therefore, it is imperative to check out the installation procedures and make sure that you comply accordingly to avoid malfunction issues.

To guarantee effective performance, a UV sterilizer must be placed after your mechanical or biofiltration. Additionally, the rate of flow through the ultraviolet sterilizer unit must be regulated hinged on the direction of the manufacturer.

This assures that the sterilizer unit is aiming at the microorganisms and not the residues and this must also have the appropriate amount of exposure period to exterminate the pest. Note that your selected sterilizer unit should possess easy-to-understand instructions for both installation and operation.

You can install different UV sterilizer configurations; there are those that are hung on the fish tank walls, housed within a canister filter, tucked within the tank stand or a stand-alone version. These are also ready for use in distinct models; each of them is designed to specifically aim at aquatic pests and not your budget.

Nearly all units utilize hose barb connectors that are connected to the right water pump or some are designed to enable add-on connectors as a hose barb attachment or as a PVC slip fit.

Also, by integrating an ultraviolet sterilizer unit into your amazing aquarium management skills and efficient filtration components, it will be a lot easier for you to enhance the clarity, cleanliness and health of your most precious fish tank.

Where to buy?

Top quality and efficient UV sterilizer units are not really that bothering to find. The truth is, you can consider visiting local fish or pet stores in your hometown to check out if they sell various brands of this unit. By shopping in person, you can take a careful look at the brand you’re eyeing to buy and you can personally or closely inspect it with your own two eyes.

In case you’re not the type who shops personally and you prefer a mouse click when shopping, then you may browse different online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Lowes, Walmart, Petco and Petsmart and other renowned shopping official websites that offer myriad of UV sterilizer options for you to check out.

How to care & store?

For most ultraviolet sterilizer units, the UV bulb will require to be replaced after a period of six months of consistent use. Nonetheless, this time may differ so be certain to adhere to the directions of the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, when setting up or replacing a bulb, it is not advised to look directly at the bulb when the UV sterilizer unit is switched on. This is because it could irritate or seriously damage your eyes.

Indeed, the quartz sleeve needs to be inspected on a monthly basis; it should be removed and tidied with the aid of rubbing alcohol. There are bigger ultraviolet sterilizers that are especially designed with wiper mechanism units and these can be set up for plain sailing maintenance.

It is most suitable to disconnect the UV sterilizer from the electricity when administering maintenance; this is to provide much needed shield against potential shock. When switched on, take in mind that the bulb gets really hot when in the air and it is more likely to break when submersed in water.

If not used, you may consider keeping it in a safe and dry storage place to reserve it for future use.


To sum things up, you have learned from this article that utilizing the best UV sterilizer for aquariums is a practical idea. Be that as it may, it is very imperative to take into consideration that these sterilizers also necessitate the attention of an aquarium keeper in order to ensure that they are consistently functioning properly.

See to it that you take the time necessary to mull over the available options and pick the one that best matches your requirements and style so as to come up with the most outstanding results. Otherwise, it will be inconceivable for you to enjoy the perks of a reliable and functional UV sterilizer that aids in alleviating the toxins from tank water. Needless to say, with the right unit, you can save hundreds of dollars, time and energy.

The UV sterilizer brands that are comprehensively reviewed above can help you make a well-informed decision to avoid wasting your money on inappropriate and useless units.

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